The concept of an "Off-Shore" company in the UAE is a flexible corporate entity which allows for the a mixture of On-Shore and Off-Shore features.


An Off-Shore company can conduct business outside of the UAE – but generally not within.

However, it can open and operate bank accounts with UAE-based banks, can own investments inside and outside of the UAE and can also own real estate, yachts & ships in Dubai and globally. Income derived from its investments (including real estate) can be held in the company bank account and repatriated thereafter.

Unlike other Free-Zone companies, there are no minimum capital requirements for an Off-Shore company to incorporate.

A minimum of 2 directors (maximum of 5) are required, all of whom must be natural persons (no corporate directors). Shareholder(s) may be either natural persons or corporate entities, any of which may also be non-resident (expatriates).

Key benefits of the Off-Shore Company are:

  • Short set-up time
  • No requirement for an office in Free-Zone
  • 100% ownership by Expatriates
  • No currency restrictions
  • All income and profits may be repatriated
  • No corporate, personal or capital gains tax
  • Strong corporate privacy
  • Open and operate bank account in the UAE
  • Able to own property in Dubai
  • No residency visa without an office
  • Can own investments inside and outside of the UAE
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